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Welcome art patrons, curators and web surfers! Here you'll find a selection of oil paintings and drawings which I created from the past and present. Many are available to exhibit and sell. Inquire via email.

I grew up in the suburbs on Long Island, NY, a vast place of tract houses, station wagons, telephone poles, basketball hoops, Coca-colas, strip malls and frisbees. Under my parents and alongside my three sisters, I often found myself feeling overlooked and not heard. I tended to keep to myself and delved into an interest of creating custom scale model cars, drawing in sketchbooks and eventually painting. My father was a bit overbearing, but he was an avid wood worker and I often assisted with his latest furniture builds. Perhaps it was these wood building experiences with him which lead me to take up art and my endless need to create new things, whether it be a painting, drawing or objets d'art.

It maybe common knowledge, but suburban living is a muted existence, there is a definite feeling you are outside reality of what is happening in the major cities. Even when I had a paperboy route, the headlines didn't quite sink in. The stories seemed unreal or about some other place in the distance. One of the first times the reality of what was actual occurred to me was when I was coming off of a schoool bus and noticed a couple of Marines leaving a neighbors home after informing them their son was killed in Vietnam.

As I found myself moved to draw the figure and nature instead of hot rods, I found solace and a sense of calm in interpreting fashion models found in my sister's glossy magazines lying about. Drawn in my sketchbook, the figures were taken out of context and this excited me. Suddenly a Cheryl Tiegs model was no longer lying on a beach in Miami but now confronted into a new forced reality of my own choosing. It was this extraction, similar to a collagist, that interested me.

young man

Oil on canvas, 24 x 30"
(Private collection)

Over the years, in what I eventually come to refer to my Layers of Consciousness painting approach, I seek to make confrontations between distant things and people lost in thought. That wall of self-consciousness we all carry about whereever we go I find fascinating. Though the world is vast with unknown mysteries lying under our feet, we all too often are consumed in our own thoughts to take notice. After all these years, my interest in depicting the human form still has not waivered. My role as a painter is to postulate images in the form of a question. It is my way to signal a beacon of light out there, and to spark thought.

Artists like to make things, whether it is a drawing, painting, sculpture, ecetera. I seem to be always working on something new. The process never ends. I keep telling myself I'm gonna quit making art, but its been over 50 years now. Besides my friends, I've gotten no recognition for my craft. The other day, my son said to me, "you sure are making a lot things lately." Well yes, it's true, I can't help myself. It's what I do.

All of my work can be purchased directly by contacting me through email: waynehoey@hotmail.com or if you prefer, several are now listed on Etsy, see links under those individual works. I've shown in NY an NJ mostly, and my paintings are in private collections nationally and internationally.

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