W A Y N E _ H O E Y

*Contact link may not work in certain versions of Windows. Email: waynehoey@hotmail.com

I'm a probing figurative painter. Although nudes are present in my work, they are not meant to be seen as sensual or sexual. Instead my paintings try to inspire thoughts. The figures are alone with themselves pondering their existence. They are depicted often nude without clothing to hide behind. My latest work focuses on juxtaposing these models against harsh backgrounds/foregrounds of nature, up-close. My primary goal is to create insightful paintings. I strive to make paintings that are emotionally charged and encourage thought.

All work is for sale and can be purchased by contacting me directly through email. Many of my paintings are in private collections nationally and internationally. Iíve only shown sporadically in art galleries in NY and NJ. My charcoal drawings are in the $300 range, pastels $600 (9 x 12") and paintings on canvas start at $1200 (18 x 24").

Below is a Facebook timeline where I comment on my painting and productivity. (use scroll bar) I encourage you to like my Facebook page for updates regarding my work it you are interested.